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About Tricked Out Pup

Run, Jump, Sit, Stay, Roll Over, Impress.

Our Story

At Tricked Out Pup, we're more than just a dog training and services provider; we're a team driven by a deep passion for dogs and a commitment to transforming lives, one paw at a time. Allow us to introduce you to our journey, values, and the dedicated individuals behind the scenes.

Our structured doggy daycare is a haven of play and learning where your beloved pup can socialize, exercise, and thrive. From engaging park play sessions to clicker classes that boost obedience, etiquette classes that polish manners, and group walks that encourage socialization, every day at our daycare is a playful, educational adventure for your furry friend.


Meet Mark D'Aleo

My 15-year relationship with my former dog, Trojan Anthony — a rescued black-mouth cur — has given me an education I could never have learned from any publication or dog-training program.

I’ve worked successfully in a number of fields but I decided to devote my life to training dogs in 2012 when I finished the canine behavior and training certification program at Mount Ida College in Newton, Massachusetts. I’m a member of the Association of Professional Dog Trainers, from which I receive CEUs on our ever-evolving knowledge of animal behavior and the discovery of new and more effective dog-training techniques. I’m also certified in CPR for animals.

I invite you to contact me to schedule a free consultation with you and your pet.

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What Our Clients Say

dog daycare

"Other dog trainers we have worked with seem to follow a training “manual” where “one-size fits all” dogs. To them, seemingly, a dog is a dog is a dog. Their work with our little girl had been sadly and expensively disappointing.

Lana’s past — she’s a rescue — makes her — like all other dogs, for that matter — unique. Mark is the only trainer we have known who got to know and to understand Lana, to develop a relationship with her, and to work with her from that perspective. And it is for that reason that his work with her has been so delightfully and thankfully successful."


Boston, MA

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