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Structured Doggy Daycare

Where Every Day is a Playful Learning Experience

At Tricked Out Pup, we take doggy daycare to a whole new level with our structured approach. It's not just a place for your furry friend to have fun; it's a haven where they'll engage in enriching activities that promote socialization, exercise, and learning. 

dog daycare
doggy daycare

What Sets Our Doggy Daycare Apart

  • Park Play: Our daycare includes park play sessions, allowing your pup to romp and explore in a safe and controlled outdoor environment. It's the perfect opportunity for them to burn off energy and socialize with fellow canine companions.

  • Clicker Class: We believe in positive reinforcement training, and our clicker class is a fun way for your dog to learn and respond to commands with enthusiasm. It's a valuable skill that enhances their obedience and your communication.

  • Etiquette Class: Good manners are essential, and our etiquette class focuses on teaching your dog proper behavior and social skills. From polite greetings to leash walking, your pup will graduate from our daycare as a well-mannered canine citizen.

  • Group Walks: Group walks provide exercise, mental stimulation, and socialization. Your dog will enjoy exploring the world alongside their furry friends, led by our trained staff who ensure safety and supervision throughout.

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